Cotton Candy -EVERYONE- can enjoy!

Cotton Candy -EVERYONE- can enjoy!

Cotton Candy -EVERYONE- can enjoy!Cotton Candy -EVERYONE- can enjoy!Cotton Candy -EVERYONE- can enjoy!

◦ Organic ◦ Allergy Free ◦ 

◦ Gluten Free ◦ Dye Free ◦

◦ Preservative Free ◦ 

◦ Naturally Flavored / Colored ◦ 


About us

We didn't invent cotton candy - we just enhanced it with a modern spin on a classic treat! 

We feature handcrafted, all natural, gluten-free gourmet flavors that does not contain any preservatives. 

We have over 25 unique flavors and provide a Royal Experience to all of our customers.

 No event is too small or too big -- we can accommodate all of your needs to ensure your event is EXTRA SWEET!

  ◦ We are a home-based business ◦ 

Check out some of our Facebook Reviews:


"We purchased 20 of the mini cotton candy containers to place in our teal pumpkin this year for children with allergies this Halloween. It was a hit!! I loved being able to give children candy at Halloween and not worry about allergies, dyes, excessive sugar, or any other chemicals.

As a mom of a child with ADHD and Autism, I know the importance of eliminating dyes from their diet. I love that this cotton candy is better!"

"I simply loved everything about Cotton Candy Palace. It is delicious the kids loved it. It is under new management, The girls are super nice. Great costumer service. I highly recommend it. ♥️ " 

Sweet Special Features:

◦ LED Glow Cones

◦ LED Royal Buckets

◦ Colorful Cones

◦ Personalized Sticker / T-Shirts


We happily accept the following forms of payment:

◦ Cash ◦ Check 

◦ Payment apps :

Zelle, Venmo & CashApp

◦ Card - HOWEVER there is a 4% processing fee with this option. We're sorry!